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Tai   Schiavo


Original Cinematic Music

Welcome to the Future

Hip-Hop, Hybrid-Orchestra, Powerful

The Light Within

Ambient, Hopeful, Uplifting 

Seattle Murder Theme

Grungy, Dark, Mystery 

Another Day


Last Stand

Emotional, Powerful, Building 

Haunting Melody

Ethereal, Dissonant, Light 


Bossa Nova, Playful, Fun

Superhero Sky Battle

Action, Bright, Epic 

A Whole Life Ahead of You

Gentle, Curious, Wondrous

Grand Execution

Epic, Operatic, Cold 

Finding Purpose on the Prairie

19th Century Americana, Warm, Uplifting 

Prelude to a Cosmic Journey

Joyous, Energetic, Powerful 

Drifting Off Under a Starlit Jungle

Peaceful, Rhythmic, Atmospheric 

Thematic Development - Orchestral Score for Animation
Main Title
Sad and Alone
Escaping the Dragon

Fairytale, Wondrous, Growing 

Joyous, Soaring, Montage 

Looking for Hope 

Action, Chaos, Redemption 

Marbleous - 2023, By Minna Abalian, Music by Tai Schiavo

Original Jazz Music

Harmonic Painting

Performed by the Berklee Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra 

Pure Imagination Arrangement

Performed by the West Chester University Statesman Jazz Ensemble 

Cookin' in the Kitchen

Performed by the NJO 

The First Day After I Die - Big Band
Performed by the NJO
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